Thursday, February 18, 2021

The BLAME GAME...not good

 Feb. 18, 2021

Blaming! It is not a new concept.  We first saw it in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve.  We saw it often in the Old Testament.  We see it all around us today.  Stop and listen today and see what you hear.  Is the blame even coming from your own mouth? 

Charley Stantley recently had a message about blame.  It was called Blame Game 2.  These are the key ideas I took away from his message.


Others hurt us.  We blame as an escape.  When we blame we refuse to act responsibly for the accusation and instead use blame as the escape. Blame encourages sin, stops our spiritual growth, promotes disharmony, makes the blammer suffer, and discredits the one blamed.

Jesus was our perfect example.  He was hurt terribly physically and emotionally as he hung on the cross.  What did he say? "Father, forgive them.."

So what do we do?

We cannot justify a wrong response no matter what was said to us.  

We are responsible for our actions.  We must be forgiving.  We cannot blame others for their actions.

We need to have and show the fruits for the Spirit....

We need to know that we can have peace and joy in our lives no matter what is said or done to us.

We are the ones that respond to our situations.

We have no right to withhold forgiveness to someone else. Their debt is paid by my forgiveness. What right do I have to hold a grudge against someone else or to blame someone else, when my sins have been forgiven by My Lord?  God does not hold my sin against me so we can't or shouldn't hold sin against any one else.

IF YOU ARE BLAMING SOMEONE, lay down the hurt and forgive the person you are blaming.  You will feel MUCH better!  Have a good day!

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