Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Expectations cause us problems....

Feb. 16, 2021


They really cause nothing but problems.  In my life I was often disappointed when things didn't turn out as I expected.  Take for instance Valentines Day.  I am just pretty sure that a man did not start this holiday!  Today it is all about gifts and buying them for someone special.  My man loves me.  I know that.  But he does not stand around and dreamily think about what he can get me for Valentines.  He may get me something that day if it works and he is in town. (Not really, he has gone to town before to get me a gift.)  But it is not a major mind time consumption thing for him!!

 I have learned that our expectations get us into trouble.  We see how the 'world' portrays holidays and think our guys will do it the same way.  Probably isn't going to happen that way.  


             try not to have expectations,

                         be joyful each moment, and 

                                 be thankful IF a present comes your way.  

If a present does not come your way, everything is still ok.  Look at the bigger picture.  I bet things really are pretty good. Just don't let your expectatitons get the best of you.....😀  


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