Saturday, February 6, 2021

Benefits of staying in step with God....

 Feb. 6, 2021

This is part two of CHOICES.  Yesterday's blog had directions on how to make good choices. We looked at choices that both Moses and Abraham had. Today we will discuss the BENEFITS of seeking God and following Him, of making good CHOICES rather than doing what we want.

WHEN we stay in step with God - seeking Him, following Him, and obeying Him - we will have the following BENEFITS:

1.  God will provide everything we need.

2.  God will give us specific instructions (look in His Word).

3.  God will remove our fear.

4.  We will see God work in unusual ways in our circumstances (when we trust Him and wait on Him).

5.  We'll learn God's ways.

6.  God will use our weakness and failures to help us understand His will for our lives.

7.  God can accomplish more in a brief time than we can in a life time.

We are blessed to be loved by such a wonderful God.  It is definately worthwhile to love, serve, and obey HIM!! The BENEFITS are great!!

(Ideas taken from Charles Stanley/In Touch message January 2021)

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