Saturday, January 30, 2021

You are the light of the world - Matt. 5:14

 We must be the 'light' in the world!!  It is rough out there!  Following are ideas from Charles Stanley's Dec. 2020 monthly letter.

It was Jesus who said "You are the light of the world" in Mt. 5:14.  Jesus also said "I am the light of the world" in John 8:12.  Booth scriptures are true.  The light of Jesus comes from within himself as the Son of God.  Our light comes as a reflection of His life within each of us if we are saved.

Four ideas about light:

1.  Light dispels darkness

2.  Light guides the way

3.  Light exposes what is hidden

4.  Light is meant to be seen, not covered up

We ARE to be the light of the world.  You ARE important to the world and those around you. Use your LIGHT to displace the darkness, to guide others,  and to expose corruption. Let your light be seen by those around you through your words, actions, attitudes, and character. You are important and have a purpose.  Carry out your purpose and light up the world!

Sunday, January 24, 2021

Attitude can make a difference as we age....

 Jan. 24, 2021

Staying Young All Your Life  

(The following ideas are from the In Touch Ministries Daily Devotional 1-23-2021)

I was sooooo excited to listen to Charles Stanley's daily devotional this week about our attitude making a difference in our aging process.  Gail and I don't feel old (we may look that way!) but we feel good, love our lives, and are anxious to be used by God.  The following are ideas from the devotional that were a great encouragement to me.

1.  Keep learning

  • gaining knowledge of Scripture should be first on our list
    • also read up on things that interest you, take on new projects, learn to use technology
2.  Keep laboring - keep walking with God
  • look for opportunities to serve Him through the church or other ministries
  • be available
  • continue to serve others
3.  Pray 
  • you may find you have a little more time on your hands now so use that time to pray for your spouse, family, church, town, state, and nation

Our lives are not our own.  They have been bought with a great price by Jesus.  May we keep surrendered to him and keep serving Him. 

If God has blessed you with many years, bless Him with your service.  They are many needs out there.  Find them and give of your time, talents, and energy.  God wants to use you all of your days, so be sure to stay young at heart as long as you can to be able to serve HIM!

Thursday, January 21, 2021

Words of encouragement for those with heavy hearts.....


January 21, 2021

Our hearts are heavy today as we think of the next four years with a liberal government making new laws that are against the Word of God.

Here are words of encouragement from Charles Stanley’s daily devotional today.  His thoughts helped me. I hope they are an encouragement to you.

Jude 1:24 – 25

  •        there will be times when, no matter how hard we try, we fail
  •        how do we succeed when the odds are against us?
  •         for believers the answer is to live with the knowledge that God works despite our weaknesses
  •         God is sovereign and in control
  •         in Genesis 18 we see that Sarah doubted God when he prophesied the birth of her son

o   within a year Sarah gave birth to her baby Isaac

o   she saw God was able to do miracles

  •         in Exodus 3 we see that Moses was scared when God told him to go to Pharaoh and ask that the Hebrew slaves be released

o   those slaves were released in a miraculous way – God was able

  •         on our own we can do nothing – John 15:5
  •         but with God we can have access to his power that is beyond our comprehension – 1 Chronicles 29:12

·       Today…. And tomorrow….. When you are overcome with the burdens of life: trust God who can carry your heavy load


Matthew 11:28 – 30

Come to me, all who labor and are and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

A shift in our government - how do we respond?

Jan. 19, 2021

 I recently listened to a message from Dr. Robert Jeffress who is the pastor at First Baptist Church in Dallas, Tx.  He greatly encouraged me and I’d like to pass on to you the notes I took from his message.   His talk was titled: How do we respond to President Biden.

  1.  God’s sovereignty hasn’t changed

  • Ps. 103:19; Ps. 115:53; Job 42:2; Eph. 1:11

  • God is in charge of everything

  • God has one will and plan - causes everything that happens in the world and our lives to go with His plan

  • His plan includes everything - including elections

  • Dan. 2:21 - God establishes kings and removes them - is in control

  • Rm. 13:1,2 - obey government- it is established by God - is sometimes an evil gov’t but nonetheless is established by God

  • Acts 2:23 - Jesus’ death was part of predetermined plan carried out by Godless officials

  • Sometimes God uses evil human gov’t to carry out His purpose

  • Nothing happens outside of God’s sovereign plan

  • God can use wrong things people do to carry out His will

  • Bible says to obey our authorities - to resist them is to resist God

  • Jesus said to pay taxes to Caesar - render to him what is his

  • Paul said to be in subjection to the officials

  • Acts 29 - obey God rather than man applies only if you are asked to do wrong

  • Biden administration supports abortion - that is not a reason for us to disobey - we can push back against it but must obey gov’t

  • I Tim. 2:1-3 - We are to pray for our leaders - pray for them and pray we may be able to live quiet lives

  1.  Balance the sovereignty of God with God’s love for you

  • God’s love hasn’t changed

  • We have lots of worries about the future but God’s plan for your life hasn’t changed - God is love

  • Ps. 103:8; Ps. 107:1; I Jn. 4:8; Jn. 10:28,29

  • We have a loving God who is watching out for us and has a plan for us.

  • Rom. 8:31,32 Doesn’t promise we won’t have trouble but we are not alone - God is for us

  • Our Father in heaven is behind us - nothing to fear

  • Everything is for our good - God is for you.

  • Nothing can come into our lives that hasn’t been sifted by the love of God, the plan of God, the wisdom of God

  • What ever comes to us has come for our good

  1.  God’s promise of Christ’s return has not changed

  • No man knows the day or hour but it will come

  • It will be the time for Christ to return to take control

  • Everything is in God’s time - election won’t matter

  • Bad news:  Things will get rocky

  • II Tim. 3:1 - there will be terrible times in the last days -people will cast off moral restraint(we’re seeing this now: same sex marriage, unrestricted abortion )

  • 3 stages of moral revolution

  1.  Things celebrated are now condemned(i.e. Marriage between man and woman)

  2.  Things condemned are now celebrated (i.e. Same sex marriages) 

  3.   Those who won’t celebrate are now condemned by society (Churches who won’t celebrate immorality will be persecuted and pressed to change, will have a bullseye on their backs)

  • We will see in these next few years free speech being sensored, abortions allowed for any reason, immoral marriages celebrated, gender identify magnified,

  • Good news: need not fear - push against evil - be hopeful- the terrible times will be temporary- God’s kingdom is coming - Jesus will return

IV.   God’s mission for the church hasn’t changed

  • Mt. 28:19-20 - We are to go make disciples 

  • Focus our time, energy, money on leading people to Christ and then disciple them

  • Many see themselves as if they were on a cruise ship leisurely headed to heaven….in truth we are on a battleship or a search and rescue mission looking for those we can show salvation to AND we are going into choppy water but have no fear for Jesus is in control

  • Matt. 16:18 - the gates of hell can’t come against the church (neither will an election)

  • Don’t fear - trust your life in Christ - Jesus has paid your sin debt - receive His forgiveness - trust in Jesus - accept His salvation - follow Him!!