Monday, March 22, 2021

Suggestions for reading.... part 2.

 March 22, 2022

This is part two in the blog of learning to read.

I think there are two very good ways to teach reading so that the kids can pick it up quickly.

1.  The first thing I really liked was the book How to Teach your Children to Read in 100 Easy Lessons. This is a very easy book that doesn't take a lot of preparation time for the teacher. The teacher however does need to sit down with their children everyday(so the child doesn't forget what he has learned) to teach through this book.  The lessons don't take very long to do.  I actually started Missy on this book before we ever started school officially.  I think it gave us a jump start. 

2.  The other thing I think really helps is to use flash cards.  On these flash cards I would put the simple words that are often used in reading.  Words such as: then, where, what, this, those, and, but, for, etc. In using these words as flash words the children become very familiar with them and they 'know' a few words  when they come to them and don't have to sound them out.  It makes reading much easier for the student thus encouraging them in their reading. (See part one of this blog for teaching/learning flash cards.)

Then..... I think it is important to teach phonics in some form.  There are many books available out there.  The reason for this is it teaches them how to sound out harder words and it teaches them also spelling if they know the phonics rules.  

We want our children to be successful in the learning and these are a couple of my ideas!  Hope they help!

Suggestions for teaching children to read.....Part 1

 March 21, 2021

This is part one of a two part blog on teaching your children to read.  I am not an expert but I want to share with you what I have learned in the hopes of making your job as a teacher easier and more successful. 

We homeschooled our five daughters.  I want to share with you a method I used when teaching them to read.  One of our daughters was struggling with all of her school work - her math, her reading, and her spelling words.  She just couldn't get her school work.  We took her to a learning center in Denver for a week where they worked with her and taught us how to help her.  

The main thing we learned was to use flash cards.  We took a piece of typing paper and cut it into three long strips of paper.  On these strips of paper we would put the math facts of addition and subtraction or even just the number itself or letter of the alphabet we were learning. We also put her reading and/or spelling words on these papers.  

Then we would hold the papers out away from her at least six feet.  We would tell her what the item was on the paper. She would then repeat what we told her and then trace the word or letter with her nose! I really think this was the key in this process.  After she did that then she was to look up and out in the air with her eyes open and SEE the letter/word in her mind.  I asked her if she saw it and then she was to look back at the word/letter in front of her and compare it to what she saw in her mind.   We did this every day several times a day for a period of time until she got a grasp on her learning. It really gave her the boost she needed.  This takes some time as a parent/teacher but it is well worth it in giving your child the boost they need. 

If you are having any problems with your child learning may I suggest you try this method.  If you have any questions feel free to contact me.  It is frustrating to the parent when the child is frustrated with their learning.  

This method works good for any child whether they are having problems learning or not.  It is a great boost. Watch for part two tomorrow.....

Thursday, March 18, 2021

Preparing for and handling despondency....


Down or despondent?

Some times in life we have successes.  Then these successes are followed by failures or hard times.  

We see this in the lives of authors, athletes, investors, pastors, politicians, ourselves, Elijah!

How do we handle this?

We need to KNOW that success won't always continue and we often are not responsible for the ways things go or the way they turn out.  

In I Kings 19 we saw that Elijah was very despondent and afraid after he had come through a magnificent time spiritually. Read this chapter if you have a chance.  I was really amazed at the tenderness God showed to Elijah as HE worked with Elijah in his time of fear and depression.  God provided a shelter, food, water, and even let Elijah see Him pass by.  

What causes us to be despondent? It might be the  death of a loved one, a loss (job, fire, health, wealth), success/something unsuccessful, politics,  stress, or fatigue. 

It may be the season of the year that causes despondency.  I remember some training we attended years ago that taught that we have certain times of the year that we may often be down. For me I think it is spring because life gets so busy!  For Gail the hard time of year is January as he has to be out in the cold caring for the livestock and it will be a long stretch of time until we get an income check in the fall.  The training said to recognize these cycles that return year after year.  Be ready for them and know they will come.  There are ways to deal with these times  in our lives. 

Dr. Robert Jeffress in his daily devotional gave some very good ideas.  

1) Manage these bad days by acknowledging them. Know there will be some days that will be  harder than others.  They will come.  They are caused by a variety of things but will come. 

2)  When you feel that way refresh yourself with food, water, and rest.  Physically do something for yourself.  Emotionally do something for yourself.  Then spiritually seek God and His face and His word. Draw close to God and HE will build you up.

Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you. James 4:8

Then tomorrow, next week, next month will be a better day....😊

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Keeping our eyes on God....not on our circumstances!!

 March 17, 2021

πŸ‘€     πŸ‘€     πŸ‘€    πŸ‘€     πŸ‘€     πŸ‘€    πŸ‘€    πŸ‘€..........😌.....😊.....😎

Today I hope to give you a little encouragement for the day and life.  Since we returned from our time in Arizona life has been busy.  Not super busy but life busy - cows calving, weather, birthdays, grandchildren to enjoy, book work to do, sermons and church to care for.  I think Gail and I got a little 'soft' while we were gone.  We'd forgotten a little bit how busy life can be! 

In trying to get the right perspective on life I have a few thoughts that may help:

1.  Gail said in his sermon last night that we need to remember this world is not our home.  We are only passing through.  If we could view this life as only temporary and that heaven is our home, we wouldn't get so worked up with what is going on now around us.  God is sovereign and in control and we can trust Him. 

2.  In a devotion I read today from Dr. Robert Jeffress it said to focus on God rather than the circumstances.  The following are thoughts from the devotion.

- Elijah had just been though a time where God had shown up - God had consumed the alter with fire after it had been covered with water and Elijah had killed 850 false prophets. When Jezebel heard about the incident she threatened to kill Elijah.  He became afraid and ran away.  

- Elijah had seen God's power shown to him and then within hours he was fearful and ran.  What changed?  Elijah took his eyes off of God and put them on his circumstances.  This caused him to have fear, discouragement, and depression.

- So, we must not let our circumstances - the life around us - the way our government is handling policies - our work - our family - our jobs - our finances - get us down.  We don't deny what is happening around us but we don't focus on it.  Rather remember God is on the throne.  He is in control!

                                                         FOCUS ON HIM!

Isaiah 26:3 "YOU will keep in perfect peace all who trust in YOU,

                    all whose thoughts are fixed on YOU."

Sunday, March 14, 2021

We are EACH different but we NEED each one!

 March 14, 2021

God has impressed upon me this week that we need each one of us - with our own distinct interests, personalities, and talents - to make the world go round and for us to be able to enjoy life to the fullness meant for it. 

These two sweethearts are such opposites - one loves to snuggle and nap, the other moves all the time at breakneck speed.  Love 'em both so much!

While we were in Arizona this winter we played cards in the evenings.  There were often six of us playing.  Out of the two weeks that the six of us played, one of our friends seemed to win most of the evenings when the scores were tallied.  She is very smart and quick and I guess one of her talents has to do with cards and numbers, having played them much of her life!  

Then another one of our six ended up with the highest score every evening which meant he lost most of the games.  This particular friend is super sweet and is very talented musically.  One evening he got his fiddle out for us and played along to songs that were requested for him to play to. It was so fun to listen to his music and see his smile as he played.   He said when he was young he had a difficult time at home and spent a lot of time in his room with his violin listening to music.  From those difficult times he learned to be a super musician.  His musical talent is like a miracle to me!  Remember I said in an earlier blog that I can't dance or sing!  What he can do musically is certainly foreign to my abilities!!

13 For you created my inmost being;
    you knit me together in my mother’s womb.
14 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
    your works are wonderful,
    I know that full well.

So I'm saying: don't get irritated with others.  We are ALL differently created by God.  

Enjoy others - encourage others - let them be them!   

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Aging... some suggestions for help!!!

 March 2, 2021

On the radio recently I heard a lady telling about a concern she had about her memory.  This book, Memory Rescue, was suggested as something that could help her.  So I ordered it and enjoyed what it had to say.  It gave me several ideas about what I could be doing to help my memory as I age.  Both my grandad and mom had some problems with dimentia when they were older.  So if I can do something myself to aid in my aging process I want to do it.  

There were several good suggestions given in this book.

1.  Get your blood flowing - walking is great exercise

2.  Keep learning - do something new, learn something new

3.  Manage inflamation in your body

4.  Know your family genetic history -  you can do alot to age well

5.  Prior head trama can affect your aging process

6.  Steer clear of toxins

7.  Your mind and what you let it think is importaant to your brain

8. Strengthen your immunity 

9.  Balance your homones

10.  Make sure you eat properly - avoid sugar!

11. Get enough sleep



The Western Way of Life....

March 2, 2021

 Just braggin a little about the western way of life.  At the many ropings down here in Arizona they take the time before the roping begins to honor our flag and country.  It is always special to see our flag carried around the arena.

It is also special to see the respect the cowboys give to the flag.  I was watching at a roping a couple of days ago as the Star Spangled Banner was sung and the flag was carried in the arena.  This particular roping was called a Legends Roping, it was for men over 60.  As I looked out at the crowd of men stopped and giving their attention to the flag, I was taken back as I saw several of the men saluting the flag.  These were men that had served years earlier in their lives.  

May we NEVER take these men for granted and the sacrifices they have made.  Please teach your children and grandchildren about the many sacrifices these men have made for our country.  Explain to them the blessings that we have have come at a cost to many.