Sunday, September 20, 2020

Guidelines in making decisions

 Sept. 20, 2020

What are we 'free' to do as Christians? When it comes to: movies, tv shows, school options, Bible studies, churches to attend, food, drink, drugs, hair or clothing styles, music, shopping, or hobbies, how do we know what to do? Sometimes we don't have point by point answers from the Bible for the activity we are considering. How do we make decisions that honor God for things that are not specifically addressed in scripture?

The following are a few ideas that I gleaned from a two-part sermon by John McArthur called: Using Your Liberties - the E's of Decision Making

1.  Will this 'thing' I'm considering be spiritually beneficial and profitable?  Is it helpful to me spiritually?

2.  Will this 'thing' edify (improve me spiritually) me?

3.  Will this 'thing encumber (restrict, burden) me?

4.  Will this 'thing' bring me into bondage? Is it habit forming?

5.  Is this 'thing' something I am doing to cover up my sin? Does it turn my liberty into license?

6.  Will this 'thing' train me to ignore my conscience?

7.  Will this 'thing' be a good example to others? Sometimes we must limit our freedoms to set a good example for someone else.

8.  Will it help me to or allow me to share my faith?

9.  Would Christ do this activity? Would I be emulating Christ?

10.  Will it bring Christ glory?

This is just a 'quick' recap of the messages.  You can find them on Grace to You on the internet.  

Hope this is helpful to you and the decisions that you make! Have a good day! 

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Happy 48th anniversary to Gail and I!

 Sept. 1, 2020

Happy anniversary to us, happy anniversary to us, happy anniversary to us!!

Gail and I are celebrating our 48th anniversary today. (celebrating? at home? yes, two of our girls fixed us a wonderful steak lunch!!)

I just want to encourage any of you out there reading this.  Marriage does get better and easier as the years march on.  So hang in there!  Seek God and His ways and you will be blessed.  God's ways are right and good and rewarding. There are some rocky roads in marriage. They are some seasons that are more difficult than other.  So hang in there!  Stay committed to your mate.  Stay committed to God's Word and His ways.  Hang in there! He will carry you through whatever you are going through and bring you into greener pastures.

I am so thankful for the years Gail and I have had together.  I am thankful for God's leading in our lives and that He is molding us to be more Christlike and mature. 

Seek God.  Seek His ways. He will bless you too!

Praying continually ... as I tromped through the pasture. Why?

 Sept. 2, 2020

This looks harmless enough.  It actually looks very appealing with all the wild flowers blooming.  It was a 'fun' cool morning out in the pasture as I again was pulling those old devil's claw plants.  I was actually doing what I had learned from I Thessalonians 5: 16-18.  Those verses say: Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.

You see we live in south eastern Colorado where there are plenty of rattlesnakes.  There is a danger in roaming around in the pasture.  Most every summer my husband kills about fifteen of these deadly rascals on the ranch. So as I was out pulling weeds I was thanking God for the beauty around me BUT I was praying continually and being watchful for snakes around me.  

I thought that really this is what we should be doing in our everyday life.  

We need to:

1.  Rejoice always - thanking God for his gift of salvation, for His Word to guide us, for the Holy Spirit to empower us, and for blessing us so abundantly

2.  Pray without ceasing - Satan is like that rattlesnake.  He is lurking around the corner waiting to trap us and to hurt us and to take us down.  Pray for God's help and direction and protection at ALL times because we need His help to give us victory over Satan.

3.  Give thanks in all circumstances - In life we have good and bad things happen to us.  Let us remember to look to God to give Him thanks for what ever situation He has put us in. May we use every circumstance we are in to glorify Him and grown us in our faith. 

Romans 8:28, 29  And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to His purpose. 

P.S.  No, I didn't see any snakes.  Thank you Lord for answering my prayers!!