Monday, December 7, 2020

Where can you turn up the Light in your life?

 Dec. 7, 2020

It is that ever so special time of the year!! So exciting and wonderful!!

This year I've so enjoyed this little grouping of nativity scenes that are precious gifts we've been given over the years.  I keep the lights on even in the day as I work around the house as they give me a joy and peace and a connection with the baby, the Christ child.

Usually we are gone in early December to the NFR.  This year we decided not to go and to stay home.  I was really excited to be home.  I had grand ideas of having lots of friends over to eat, visit, and fellowship.  Covid has reared it's ugly head again and it looks like fellowship will not happen.  So now what?

My devotions this morning raised some questions for me to think about.....
     Where can you turn up the light in your life?
     What opportunities is God giving you this Christmas season to be available for Him?

Looks like it might be a 'different' season this year.  So what can I do, what can you do, to make it glorifying to Christ.  May we seek HIM to see how we can serve HIM this Christmas season!!

May you feel, experience and live out the love of Christ this Christmas! My love to you.....Millie