Monday, March 22, 2021

Suggestions for teaching children to read.....Part 1

 March 21, 2021

This is part one of a two part blog on teaching your children to read.  I am not an expert but I want to share with you what I have learned in the hopes of making your job as a teacher easier and more successful. 

We homeschooled our five daughters.  I want to share with you a method I used when teaching them to read.  One of our daughters was struggling with all of her school work - her math, her reading, and her spelling words.  She just couldn't get her school work.  We took her to a learning center in Denver for a week where they worked with her and taught us how to help her.  

The main thing we learned was to use flash cards.  We took a piece of typing paper and cut it into three long strips of paper.  On these strips of paper we would put the math facts of addition and subtraction or even just the number itself or letter of the alphabet we were learning. We also put her reading and/or spelling words on these papers.  

Then we would hold the papers out away from her at least six feet.  We would tell her what the item was on the paper. She would then repeat what we told her and then trace the word or letter with her nose! I really think this was the key in this process.  After she did that then she was to look up and out in the air with her eyes open and SEE the letter/word in her mind.  I asked her if she saw it and then she was to look back at the word/letter in front of her and compare it to what she saw in her mind.   We did this every day several times a day for a period of time until she got a grasp on her learning. It really gave her the boost she needed.  This takes some time as a parent/teacher but it is well worth it in giving your child the boost they need. 

If you are having any problems with your child learning may I suggest you try this method.  If you have any questions feel free to contact me.  It is frustrating to the parent when the child is frustrated with their learning.  

This method works good for any child whether they are having problems learning or not.  It is a great boost. Watch for part two tomorrow.....

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