Monday, February 15, 2021

POST 5- Art of Being a Wife - BEAUTIFUL DANCING

 Feb. 15, 2021

I have NEVER been able to dance.  I am just now barely able to clap with a song!!  Hope my marriage doesn't resemble my dancing!!!

Is the dance - like a marriage - a performance, a business relationship, or the expression of a LONG SONG between the two of you?

1.  When a couple is dancing they need to work in sync, paying close attention to their partner and the music. The man is to lead the dance and the woman to follow his leading.  In marriage we must focus on each other and not neglect our leading and following roles. This requires TRUST - which must be nutured in your relationship.  Mistakes will happen.  Don't let them stop your dance.  Work through the issues.  Offer grace and forgiveness and let the CREATOR of your dance guide you both.

2.  If your man is reluctant to lead, check your attitude. Are you letting him try to lead or are you always correcting him?  Are you allowing him to hear from God?  Marriage can be a beautiful waltz, but one has to lead and the other follow.

3.  Dancing tips:  a.  What is your attitude toward God and His design?  Make sure you submit to God  first.  b.  Let go of your desire to lead.  You may have to do this often - daily.                                                        c.  It will encourage your husband to lead when you DO follow his faltering steps.  When he improves, you win, and become a better dance team.

4.  Sometimes it is a bad dance.  If your husband is asking you to follow him into sin, you must refuse.  When that happens: check your heart to see if you are trusting and submitting to God; make sure your behavior shows you are trusting God and that you aren't showing fear, panic, or criticism for your husband. Lastly, you may need to seek help from a counselor.  

5. The rhythms of our marriages change with time.  We start our 'dance' as beginners when we marry.  Over time as we work through all the things life brings to us we can learn to dance beautifully if we nuture one another's hearts and listen to our Master Instructor.  This is a very worthwhile goal!  We cannot afford to quit when the rhythms change.  Work through the changes.

So thankful to be able to 'dance' in my marriage.  It has been hard at times but well worth the effort to keep trying.  We will celebrate our 49th anniversary this year.  God's ways are THE BEST!!!! 

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