Thursday, February 11, 2021

Post 2: Art of Being a Wife : FINE CUISINE

 Feb. 11, 2021

This is the second of a series of 'recaps' about a book Barbara Rainey wrote.  Todays chapter compared marriage to fine cuisine. Not to many of us have eaten 'fine cuisine' but we've heard about it!! Let's see how we can compare a great marriage to this type of food.  

-fine cuisine uses lots of fresh and unique herbs or flavorings - things that are different but that build upon each other.  Our marriages are like this: we each have unique, fresh traits that are so iniviting to each other when we date and are first married.  Will we use these traits to build our marriage or will we let them be overpowering and spoil our flavor?

-as each spice adds a different flavor, so our lives each have different flavors to add to our marriages.  These differences can bring challenges to our relationship.  When you were first married you thought your husband was perfect for you.  Then your differences clash and you begin to wonder about your marriage.  Maybe it is time to ask God to help you get a new vision of your husband, to see him as you first did. Choose to believe that his differences are good for you - and that yours are good for him also!

-in a receipe it is very important that you read the directions well and put in the correct amounts.  Don't take something he said and make more or less of it than what it should be.  

- successfully blending the ingredients of our lives take years and lots of practice.  I am so thankful that Gail and I have continued to work on our marriage, blending our differences, to create a beautiful marriage. We have been married for 49 years now.  It has not all been a smooth journey but one worth pursueing.  

- give each other the benefit of the doubt.  Believe the best of your husband.  When he leaves his towel on the floor realize he didn't do tht just to annoy you.  You are not better than him or superior to him - just different than him.

-in marriage, we are cooking in the same 'kitchen'!  Is it true too many cooks spoil the pot?  Could be! But marriage is about two who need to cooperate, believe the best about each other, and who need to learn to converse with one another.  Do not give into the temptation to quit 'mixing' your differences in your marrige.

-'Nothing is impossible with God"  - so don't quit, review the Divine directions again.  Be a team, talk about your differences, and don't quit on your receipe.  The outcome will be delicious!

-timing is important!  Think about a cake you are making.  What if you take it out of the over to soon?  or take it out too late?  So true with our marriages, timing is important in resolving our conflicts and differences, in creating a beautiful, delicious marriage.  Trust God and let Him deal with you and your spouse. Pray for each of you and let God work in your lives.  It is a life-long work of art that is being created.  

-ask God for a extra dose of love in your marriage.

- and don't compare your beautiful marriage 'creation' from God to the other creations God is making.  We are all different and in different spots in our marriages - yours is becoming a work of art.

DIFFERENCES can feel impossible, they won't go away, embrace your differences, see them as gifts from God, use them to help you understand and trust God more as He designs your life!!  With God's wise and wonderful leading you two will be able to have your cake and eat it too!!!!  Keep looking forward to your future with hope and expectation!

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