Monday, February 15, 2021

POST 4 - The Art of Being a Wife - ELEGANT MUSIC

February 14, 2021

This is blog four which is high-lighting Barbara Rainey's book The Art of Being a Wife.  Let us we think of ELEGANT MUSIC and MARRIAGE.......

1.  Music has many parallels to marriage.  Music begins with some foundational elements: a staff of five lines and four spaces, disticnt sounds, and notes.  Marriage as instituted by God has foundational elements also that He set forth.  Each marriage has distinct notes that come from the consumation of the marriage.   It is not always easy to play the 'marriage song'.  Sometimes the marriage is out of harmony and the music isn't pretty.  That doesn't mean the music should stop.  Marriage is still the origina score. Continue on is God's ways....

2.  More on the original score.  God made man but he was incomplete. Then he made a helper for him, a woman; two complementary voices to harmonize with each other as you would see in notes on a sheet of music. Their completeness was to mirror the Trinity itself.

3.God is the Conductor in your marriage.  Will you watch and follow God's leading?  HE knows what He is doing!! Don't miss one note of the symphony God wants to write with you.

4.  Sometimes there is not harmony in the marriage.  Maybe you aren't listening to the Conductor and are trying to play the wrong part.  For example: the husband is the be the leader of the marriage.  As the wife are you trying to 'wear the pants'?  Esther was brought up as a Godly example for us women to follow.  She humbly and creatively dealt with an impossible situation.  She prayed and asked for her friends to pray and fast.  Her cautious and calm attitude showed her husband that she wasn't a threat to him or against him; rather she honored him. She had a heart that trusted God.  How is your heart?  Are you looking to your own needs or wants?  Are you seeking and obeying and honoring God and your mate? Are you walking in step with the Holy Spirit? LET God be your husband's music instructor.  God wrote the man's part and knows how it should be played.

5.  You know that many pieces of music have a refrain - lines that are repeated over again.  Marriage too should have a refrain.  We need to repeat to our spouses that we love and appreciate them, that we are committed and dedicated to them.  Keep speaking positive words in your refrains!

6. Let your marriage be a duet:) When you come to times of crisis remember God is the Conductor of your symphony.  In marriage we can experience a taste of heavenly sounds when we come to places of accpetance and forgiveness and safety and peace with one another.

May your day be filled today with beautiful music in your marriage.  

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