Saturday, February 6, 2021

Choices bear consequences....

 Feb. 5, 2021

(I think this is a good little study to print out and go over with our children or grandchildren. It will give them some good guidance and direction and could save them from heartache from bad decisions.)

Two Bible Heroes - Moses and Abraham

Two different actions

1.  Moses, when he saw an Egyptian being unkind to a Hebrew slave,  acted on his own leading and killed an Egyptian.

2.  Abraham when faced with sacrificing his son, obeyed God. 

CHOICES!!! Soon after the United States Capitol was stormed in January, I heard a sermon by Charles Stanley about Moses and the consequences of his decision to kill the Egyptian. Then I recently read about Abraham and his obedience to God when asked to sacrifice Isaac. The capitol event and these two historical Biblical events got me to thinging about our choices. Our choices can bring about many consequences for our own lives that can last a life-time.  

Here are some guidelines (from Charles Stanley) about what to do when faced with a decision:

1. Ask questions: ask God what He would have us do, how he would have us proceed, and when would be the right time according to His will.

2.  Focus on the big picture rather than on an event.

3.  Listen to God rather than following your own reasoning.  

4.  Ask God what he wants you to do rather than act on impulse.

5.  Rely on God's power rather than your own strength.

6.  Extend forgiveness rather than holding in anger.

7.  Consider the consequences of your actions.


 When making decisions to you think only about the situation - or the consequences that could come from your impulsive decision?

Where do you go for help when making a decision?

When you receive guidance from the Bible, do you readily obey or make excuses for not obeying?

(Watch for part two of this study tomorrow- staying in step with God and the benefits it will bring.)

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