Wednesday, April 14, 2021

It takes a lot of sowers or gardeners and fewer harvesters.....

 April 14, 2021

I am so excited to get around to writing this blog that is from notes I took when listening to a video study called TACTICS by Gregory Koukl.  The study was about how to effectively discuss your Christian convictions with others.  

1. I was very relieved when he said most of us are gardeners in terms of sharing the gospel.  It takes lots of gardeners sharing the word of Christ in many different ways before it is time to harvest ( when a person makes a decision to follow Christ). Koukl said most people are not harvesters.  So don't pressure yourself to present the gospel to everyone and then expect a decision. Just be a gardener.  Scatter some seed, feed some seed that someone else has sowed, water the seed, maybe weed a little but keep continuing to garden and let the harvesters harvest your sowing.  

2.  It is good to be able to converse with those who don't believe in Christ.  One good way is to gather information about that person.  

    - I remember learning many years ago to do this with the acrostic FIRE - Family, Interests, Religion.  Ask the person you are visiting with questions.  Examples: Family -  Are you a native of this area? How long have you lived in this community? Are you married?  Have children?  Interests - Do you have any hobbies? Do you like to sports? Reading?  What kind of books?  Religion - Do you have a church background? Do you have any religious influence in your life?

- this Tactics study said that it is great to get to know a little about the person.  When you find out about them and something they believe in then ask the questions: "What do you mean by that?" or "Why do you believe that?"  Be engaging with the person.  Don't tell them your thoughts or beliefs but get them to think about what they do believe. Keep asking questions. 

 - this process was said to 'put a stone in their shoe' - in that questioning them may make them start to question what they do believe.  It may get them to see what they believe might not be right and it is done without ever telling them what they need to believe or what you believe.  It is just the tip of the iceberg to get them to examine their beliefs and perhaps seek the real Truth.  

I think we must keep trying to serve our Savior in all we do.  This is an encouraging way to try to do just that.  And it takes the pressure off of us to bring everyone to Christ in every encounter.  

More to come on this issue of communicating with those outside the Christian community from the book FINDING COMMON GROUND. 

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