Saturday, April 3, 2021

Fun Easter pastry - an empty tomb......

Saturday -  April 3, 2021

 Tomorrow is EASTER!  Today we are waiting.....tomorrow Jesus will be risen!  

I am slow getting this recipe to you but it comes from my oldest daughter, Rynea.  She has really enjoyed making this treat for her large family.  It is called a breakfast puff, in that it is made in muffin pans but puffs up into the air and has an empty cavity inside of it.  The pastries can be made the day ahead.  Then when you are ready to eat them they may be filled with cooked sausage or bacon and cheese; or it can be something sweet like jam and cream cheese; or more easily use a little honey.   

The recipe is as follows:

Pastry puffs

Grease muffin tins and heat in over 


3 T. butter melted

6 eggs

3 cups milk

3 cups flour

3/4 t. salt

Fill tins - Bake at 425 degrees for 20 minutes, then 325 degrees for 15 minutes.

This makes a big batch.

They are a fun way to use food to reinforce the Easter gospel message that Christ has risen.

 He has risen indeed!! 

Happy Resurrection Day!!


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